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While we don't farm the avocados ourselves, our commitment to excellence begins with sourcing the finest fruits from trusted growers across Kenya. At Afriavo, we specialize in the art of fruit processing, ensuring that each avocado undergoes a meticulous journey of sorting, packaging, and preparation for its international venture. Our avocados are not just a fruit; they are a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering a product that transcends ordinary expectations. From the creamy consistency to the rich taste, Afriavo avocados are a culinary delight that adds a touch of sophistication to every dish.

1. Premium Avocado Varieties:

Choose from the renowned Hass and Fuerte varieties, known for their exceptional taste and quality.

2. Diverse Packaging Options:

Flexibility is key. Opt for 4kg and 10kg corrugated boxes or plastic crates, adapting to your shipping and retail preferences.

3. Caliber Selection:

Select the perfect size for your market, ranging from c12 to c32 calibers.

4. Efficient Sea Freight Packaging:

Count on our meticulous sea freight packaging. For 4kg packaging, we offer 288 boxes per pallet, 20 pallets per 40ft container (5760 boxes per container). For 10kg packaging, it's 120 boxes/crates per pallet, 20 pallets per 40ft container (2400 boxes/crates per container).

5. Competitive Offer Prices:

Explore our competitive pricing with offers such as USD 10.0 per 4kg box CIF Russia (size 12 to 24) and USD 18.0 per 10kg box or crate CIF Russia (size 26 to 32).

6. Expertise and Strategic Partnerships:

Leverage our deep industry expertise and strategic partnerships to ensure the highest standards of quality throughout the export process.

7. Brand Adoption for Direct Market Deployment:

Enhance your market presence by adopting your branding for a direct market deployment. We understand the significance of brand identity.

8. Capacity for Container Shipments:

Rely on Afriavo Orchards for large-scale shipments. With the capacity to ship at least 10 containers per [specified time period], we ensure a consistent and reliable supply chain.